Size Limit for Photos via MMS

by O. Bliss
(Elkhart, IN)

I have discovered that there is a maximum size limit of photos for MMS. It seems to be a little above 30kb. At exactly the right instant, I caught a beautiful picture of the sun rising through silhouetted trees. I wanted to transfer it to my computer because the composition was so much better that the same taken with a regular camera a minute or so later. The scene has a lot of fine detail which increases jpg size. I guess I'll have to be content with it as wallpaper on the phone.

If it was a picture of an accident scene or something of similar importance, you may be out of luck! This non-feature should be made very clear.

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Feb 25, 2010
Did you try EMS?
by: admin


Thanks for your comments.

Did you also try sending via EMS? It is apparently like an SMS text message, but you can also insert a picture. I would leave the text part blank.

I haven't had that happen to me for sending a single picture, though I've certainly reached the size limit when sending multiple pictures. I can appreciate your frustration because both Bluetooth and the USB port are not enabled for file transfer on the phone so there's no way to get the photo directly.

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