Standby Time and more

by Dave
(Amherst, MA USA (sort of))

I've had the phone about a month and I'm lucky to get 3 days standby before it's dead. Additionally, the manual is pathetic. There is very little info about operating the camera but lots of pages devoted to music. It's a damn phone, not a music system!

That aside, the phone works okay and the camera is decent, although it's impossible to see what you're shooting in sunlight.

A more detailed, better written manual would greatly improve my opinion of this phone. It lists a flashlight, but does not tell you how to activate it. Very lame.

Update:Slide phone a disappointment

by Dave
(Amherst, MA)

I've had this phone for a couple years. The reception is very limited and the battery life, advertised as 7 days on standby, is only about two days.

It's a neat little phone, but in practical terms, it's a disappointment.

Battery replacement

by Anonymous

What kind of battery is it, cause i broke it and need new one?

You can find an EM326g replacement battery at

It costs $14.95 plus $5.95 USPS priority shipping or $2.95 standard shipping. You should make sure it's just the battery that's broken before ordering. If a friend has the same phone, you could try putting the battery from the other phone in yours and see if the phone works and the battery charges properly.

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