Strange 70 cent charges on the $2 plan

70 cent charge on $2 Gophone plan

70 cent charge on $2 Gophone plan

My friend has the $2 a day plan, but occasionally he is charged 70 cents out of the blue, and we cannot figure out what he is being charged for. Sometimes it charges a couple times a day and he's not doing anything on his phone. Can anyone tell me what this is about?


My $2 plan is no longer active, but from what I can see, the current version of it doesn't include data. You can add data for $1/day for 100MB, otherwise it costs 1 cent per 5KB. However, you're not charged for picture or video messages, so it must be coming from something else. The charge is relatively small. If it was for data, then it would just be about 350KB of data, or just one or two web pages. Has he set the phone up to check email?

Anyway, I also chatted with AT&T Support online, but they came up with the same answer. However they did suggest that if you check your account online, it might list the reason for the charge.


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