Quick look at Suncom Goodcall

Update September 2008: Transition to T-Mobile Complete

T-Mobile has completed the transition of Suncom customers in the Carolinas to T-Mobile. They got to keep their phone and number but were switched over to the closest equivalent T-Mobile plan.

Thanks to visitors in the past who've taken the time to read the review. I'll keep up the information below for reference purposes even though.

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Suncom Goodcall is a good 10 cents per minute regional prepaid wireless plan which gives you the option of paying for a few extra features if you need them.

The plan primarily serves North Carolina and South Carolina, but also provides service in portions of other states.

You do have to use up your minutes as the airtime expires relatively quickly compared to some of the other 10 cent per minute carriers such as Net10.

Perhaps their marketing left a little something to be desired. For example, they put their advertising on this Humvee below, but I think somebody just wanted to drive a Hummer.

suncom goodcall hummer


As noted above, service is available in a limited area. You can check if you are covered in your area by looking at their coverage map.

Coverage Map

You can see a general picture of the coverage, or you can go to the plans page and click on the Coverage Maps link on the left. Then select the "Goodcall" option in the window that pops up. You can see that coverage is pretty good, however, if you are really considering whether to go with a Goodcall plan, you should look at their detailed coverage.

Detailed Coverage Viewer

Luckily you can use their Detailed Coverage Viewer not only to see if your area is covered, but also how well nearby areas, where you are likely to be, frequent are covered.

Note: When you are within the network there are no roaming charges.


Suncom features three phone packages, Basic, Extra and Best. All these packages include the cost of the $15 activation fee. There is no deposit and no contract. Unlimited service costs $20 per week. For the year(52 weeks), you're spending $1040 -- a little high.

Goodcall Basic $99

The Basic package includes a Motorola T720 worth $19 and $65 worth of airtime.

Goodcall Extra

The Extra package Sony Ericsson Z300 which they throw in for "free" and $105 worth of airtime.

Goodcall Best

The Best package includes a Nokia 6061 for "free" and $105 worth of airtime.


If you do not choose the unlimited service plan, you can buy airtime in increments of $10, $20, $40 and $60. Every $10 of airtime is good for 15 days. So you have to spend at least $20 a month to keep your service active. And of course if you add any optional features, you’re going to be reaching into your wallet pretty often, which would make it quite a hassle. They do make is pretty easy to buy and add airtime though, as well they should.

Text messages

Text messages cost 5 cents each to send and receive.

Plan Options

You can choose to add certain features to your plan, but it will cost you either a daily or weekly charge. Features such as unlimited in calling from anyone in the Suncom network costs $20 a week. This is $80 a month! I think that’s kind of ridiculous for a prepaid plan, unless all you’re doing is avoiding the credit check that comes with a standard cell phone plan. Then there’s the unlimited calling and texting anyone in the Suncom network for $25 a week -- $100 a month. More reasonably priced features include unlimited text messages or unlimited nights for 75 cents a day.


At 10 cents a minute, a Suncom Goodcall plan might be worth a try in your area if the coverage is stronger than for some of the other carriers.

Their unlimited service plan could be useful if you're a heavy phone user at certain times, like the summer, and don't want to tie yourself into a long-term contract.