The Original Author IS A Nut!

by Rilriia
(Maine, USA)

He/she obviously doesn't know what they're talking about and has only read the press on this phone. As a person who owns this little technological pain in the ...., I'm here to tell you they're wrong.

1: the LG420g for TracFone has a known issue with the battery dying while not in use after 48 hours. (If that.)

2: the BlueTooth function is ultimately useless since this phone's operating system was made for China.

3: the camera is also useless because even using a USB to LG420G serial cable requires drivers, which were only written for China.

(Check LG's forum titled Looking for Tracfone LG420 drivers and see what LG's own Moderator says.)

4: there is no manual for this, except TracFone/Net10 LG420G. Unless you count TracFone's overly broad and basic manual.... LG doesn't seem to support this P.O.S. at all.

5: this phone will not interface with the URL-linking system for photo uploads of popular mobile sites such as Photobucket, FaceBook, or even GMail. ...GMail? Really? And you call this a great phone???

6: Think you can send that awesome photo you just took to your own e-mail? Forget it. There's no option folks. You can, however, spend money on minutes and attach it as a message. So you might want to buy a second phone if you want those pictures.

...In the future Mr. or Ms. Prepaid Cell Guru, check your facts before getting on the bandwagon. You might just save your users some grief and hassle. I bought this blasted thing for documentation to be used in a court case... It may have only been $20--but I have spent two weeks in time and agony trying to figure this mess out.

The simple and complete answer is that LG had no business allowing this phone to reach US/Canadian/European/South American shores. It is meant for China only.

Hi Rilria,

Thanks for your comments. While you may be right about your characterization of the "author" (me), I'm afraid you're mistaken about many of the features of this phone, although you are right about the lack of complete documentation. Also, if you watched my video at the end of the review I think you would have realized that I did indeed base my review on actually using the phone.

1. I don't have any issue with the battery dying on my LG420g. What usually causes excessive battery drain is using the phone in an area with low signal strength. Maine is a state where the cell phone companies don't provide very good coverage. I'm not sure why, perhaps because of the population density.

2. Bluetooth - you can check various links at the bottom of my review discussing how to use Bluetooth to pair with a handsfree headset and also for transferring photos to a computer that has a Bluetooth adapter.

3. I don't say you can use a USB cable with this phone in my review. I personally haven't tried it as I use the above-mentioned Bluetooth capability. I'm not sure what China has to do with it.

4. You're right about the lack of a detailed user manual.

5. Yes, you can't use Facebooks regular photo upload link. However, you can (or used to be able to) set up Facebook so that you can send a picture message to a special email address at Facebook. This is not your regular email address but rather an address they give you just for sending photos via picture message.

6. Sending photos to email. Yes you can do this. You can set up an email contact by omitting the phone number and adding an email address. Go to Contacts -> Add Contact and click on Options -> Add Detail and fill in the email address field. Then you can send a picture message to that contact. You can also transfer photos via Bluetooth to computer as I mentioned above.

On another note, my review was written a little more than a year ago when this phone was indeed the most advanced Tracfone available. Since then they've introduce four new phones, the Motorola EX124g, the LG 800g, LG 500g, and the Samsung T404g (not yet reviewed) which have better features.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Sep 14, 2011
by: Rilriia


1. Really Sir? The phone has always had full signal bars where I live.... Hmmm.... funny it would read that and still have a (known and documented on LG's own forum site) battery drain issue in states/areas that have excellent call coverage...

2. USB BlueTooth adapters do not interface with Windows-based operating systems for data transfer. That's not what they're made for. They're made to plug into a port and provide an enhanced signal for a phone that doesn't have adequate coverage.

3. China has everything to do with this because the phones are made for use in China and worthless everywhere else. LG's software not only does not include other countries for this phone (meaning you can't run drivers so the phone can transfer data to your PC in the US), but also does not include TracFone/Net 10 drivers specifically.

You know how you can't use a Sprint phone for TracFone service? Same principle.

4. Duh...

5. Nooooo you can't. In fact, you cannot only NOT use FaceBook's mobile upload address, but you cannot use Photobucket's either.

...Shall I paste my order confirmation for this phone? I do actually own it and am a geek and do tech work pro bono.

6. That's only if the option to change between text/numerical input works properly.

Again, by LG's own admission, this phone should not be sold in the US. However, I can't prove that because you've insisted on not allowing any form of linking. Take the time to look it up please, because your review is wrong. I'm sorry if that upsets you, but it is wrong.

And if LG's Admins are telling people in the US--'well, it's a Chinese phone you see...' why are you plugging it?

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