This rocks!

by Herk Collins

I have tried Tracfone and Virgin mobile prepaid wireless plans, I hated both. I paid ten cents per minute (fifteen with Virgin) no matter who I called or when, I had restricted calling areas, and my pay as you go card was all used up in a matter of hours.

I decided to try Alltel U and I went with the pay per day plan, I have been thrilled ever since. I get unlimited text, unlimited nights and weekends, and I can also choose a favorite number that I call most often and it too is unlimited. Almost everyone I know is on Alltel so that works just great for me in that way. For those that are not on Alltel, I can text all I want.

With the pay per day plan, I chose the services I liked for twenty five cents each which comes to $1.25 per day. There are no connection fees or hidden charges to worry about, I buy a $45.00 card once a month and I'm good to go, what's not to love.

Alltel U prepaid rocks!

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