Thrilled with son's Sanyo 2700

by A Davis
(Centerville, UT)

I signed my son up about a month ago, and while it hasn't been very long I have to say I'm thrilled with my decision.

The inital phone we wanted (LG Rumor) was sold out so we opted for the Sanyo 2700. The customer service personnel were very helpful and kind, I talked to 3 Kajeet representatives while trying to make my decision.

Kids in our area text. they do not call so we signed up for the deal of $19.99 per month with unlimited text. The keyboard on the phone is great.

The phone has a day planner which helps him keep track of various school assignments and activities.

I loved the fact that I didn't have to sign a contract. All the other cell phone companies offered a lot of minutes but charged extra for the texting. This was really a great deal for us. We've been very happy.

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