Timeout and autolock when calling automated attendants

by debra

I bought this phone because it has nice big letters and numbers on the touch screen, making it easier for me to see, and use. I have one complaint. It goes to sleep. If I call any place, get that automated stuff, by the time i listen to all the options and get the number I need, I have to wake up the phone, then press the number pad, which takes too long, and the automated call has already hung up. It is quite annoying.

I still have not been able to find the cable to connect it to my pc to move pictures and music either. If I need customer service, which trac phone isn't known for, it takes forever and nobody there knows a thing about this phone. I cannot add minutes over the internet, which is cheaper.

Overall, I hate it and am looking for something else.

Hi Debra,

Thanks for your comments. Yeah, on our LG 800g, after a few minutes, the screen does autolock when you make a call. I believe this behavior is built into most touchscreen phones. They assume you're going to hold the phone next to your face during the call, so the touchscreen is disabled so that you don't accidentally activate some other feature or disconnect the call. I tried to find a way around this but changing the auto-lock timeout or the power save features had no effect. I held out hope that putting on the speaker phone during the call would disable this feature since in this scenario you wouldn't be holding the phone against your face, but no luck there either.

I will say that on our LG 800g, unlocking the phone and then hitting the dialpad doesn't take so long that I still can't get through most automated menus. It is annoying though.

Regarding your comment about the cable, you just need a data cable with the right USB connectors. You can find many of them on the link to Amazon above. Once you connect the cable to the phone (which is turned on on), you'll get an alert message on the phone asking if you want to "Connect to mass storage?" Once you say yes, the phone's memory should show up as an external drive in Windows Explorer on your PC (or, I assume, the File explorer on your Mac).

Finally, I just bought and added a 60 minute "card" on Tracfone's site last month. The 60 minute card which when tripled plus using a promo code added a total of 240 minutes to the phone.

Regarding the customer service, yes, it's a challenge. When I do have to contact them, I try to be cheerful and persistent.

World clock

by george
(lafitte la.)

World clock is a hour off in other cities. Faulty app was used and updates are not available!

Hi George,

I went back and checked the world clock and compared it to the times I found on an online world clock. From what I can see, the times are off by one hour for the countries that follow daylight savings time. Basically, the 800g only reports the adjusted GMT for those countries and cities. So the time for Berlin, which follows DST is one hour off, but the time for Brisbane, which does not (understandably) follow DST, is correct.

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Feb 22, 2012
all locked up
by: MisterT

Hey Debra (and others who are annoyed with the tracfone locking it's self...) you could open your phone settings, touch the "auto-lock" and select the 60sec option. It will at least give you alittle more time while fumbling with the phone like I do ;)

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