Total Call Mobile Overview - International Calls

Total Call Mobile used to be unique because they offered customer service in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog. However, when I last checked in on them, they had dropped everything except Spanish. Their rates are still not bad however.


This company is another mobile virtual network provider that relies on the Sprint PCS network. So coverage will be along those lines. Their website only has a rough map of the coverage, but they provide an 800 number you can call to check if they offer coverage in your area.


There is a pay as you go plan and three monthly plans.


All calls will cost you 10 cents minute. Text messages run 5 cents each.

You have to add a minimum of $10 of airtime every 90 days to keep your service active. Thus, you have to add a little over $40 per year to keep. Pretty cheap.

Monthly plans

There are three monthly plans. For 29.99 per month you get 1000 minutes and 1000 text messages per month. For 39.99 you get unlimited talk and text, and for 49.99 per month you get unlimited talk text and data.

International Calling Rates

You can make international calls at reasonable rates on this plans. Actually, many international calls don't cost anything over the usual airtime rate. For example, to call a UK landline doesn't cost anything extra other than your airtime. However, to call a UK cell phone costs about 20 cents extra per minute.

International Direct Dialing

You can directly dial the full international number. You don't have to dial an access number first like you do with Tracfone.


They used to offer a small selection of phones online. For example in  July 2013 they had one phone, an LG Remarq vertical QWERTY slider phone. The phone orders used to be fulfilled by a company called BabbleBug.

However in 2016, their website says you can only find their phones at retailers or other wireless agents or dealers. The only thing you can order online is airtime.