Unbelievably Awful Customer Service

by Mitchell L.
(Nashville, AR)

If you have an issue with Verizon that cannot be resolved through an automated menu, you will be looking for another carrier regardless of your investment.

Phone Menu Nightmare

When you call the toll free number you will have to select automated menus and listen to recorded messages to try to find out why your phone is not working, when all you want is to talk to someone about why you have paid the fees and get no service.

30 Minutes on Hold

If you spend enough time making selections and going through various choices that do not hint that they will get you to a problem solving person, you can eventually get connected to a representative after being on "hold" for maybe 30 minutes or maybe longer.

Treated Like Cinderella

If you apply a $35 plus fees payment online for your monthly "anytime" minutes and the current minutes run out, Verizon automatically switches your phone to 25 cents per minute and depletes your payment. Verizon apparently wants you to be on a contract and treats prepaid customers like the Stepmother treated Cinderella.

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