Unlock for use in Canada?

by Robert
(Toronto Ontario Canada)

Hi, I have a senior friend with Parkinson's which makes it difficult for him to use the small buttons on most phones. He also finds it difficult to hear when using his phone outside. As a result he is really interested in the Jitterbug.

The Jitterbug is not available here in Canada.
I'm thinking about ordering one online, having it unlocked and then using it on a local carriers network.

Are there any issues with doing this?

Hi Robert,

I'm afraid I don't have any first hand experience with that. I do see that there are unlocked Jitterbug phones advertised on eBay, however, I've never tried any of them myself.

A few months ago I got another query about using these phones in Canada. I called up GreatCall customer support and the rep told me you couldn't get it for primary use in Canada which you already probably know hence your question. However, what I found interesting was that the rep told me that there were several easy-to-use phones similar to the Jitterbug available in Canada.

sb (admin)

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