Using a TMFL phone for the minutes

by danny

I have a question that I can not get a straight answer for. Can you buy a new TMFL Tracfone and use it to get triple minutes on another tracfone and will it work as many times as you would like?

Hi Danny,

I'm not sure I understand your question so you may not consider this a straight answer from me either. As far as I know the TMFL designation only applies to the phone. I would guess that it's possible to buy a triple minutes phone, buy a lot of minutes on it which get tripled and then transfer the service and minutes to another phone that's not a triple minutes phone.

The tripled minutes will probably transfer over okay, but not the TFML feature. So any further minutes you buy on the second phone that you've transferred service over to will be doubled if it's a DMFL phone or less if it's a rare single minutes phone.

I have not tried this myself, however.

sb (admin)

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Feb 23, 2013
For shame
by: Anonymous

It has been my understanding that when you use a TMFL phone to accumulate minutes and, subsequently, transfer those minutes to another phone, the originating TMFL phone becomes a DMFL phone. If you are going to 'scam' the system like this, you may as well do it up right....add several cards to your original TMFL and THEN do the transfer.Dont be surprized at that point if Tracfone terminates your account!

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