Voicemail answers before the phone rings

by Mary
(Mt.Vernon, Oregon)

When a call comes into my cell phone, my voice mail answers before the phone rings. This prevents a call from being completed, and I have to return the call to connect to the caller. Any suggestions?

Hi Mary,

In my experience that can happen in a few situations.

1. If your cell phone is out of range (doesn't have a signal) then the call will tend to go straight to voicemail.

2. The ringer volume is turned down too low so you don't hear it. This can also happen if it is in silent mode with the vibrate also off.

These first two are the most common. There is a third less common possibility.

3. You've accidentally activated Call Barring or Call Reject. This facility was only available on a few Tracfone handsets such as the LG 420g and 430g.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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