W376g 4G compatible?

by dan

Is the W376g 4G compatible? If not, what G version is it?


Hi Dan. No, I don't think it is 4G compatible. From what I can find, it appears to be a 2G phone. Are you still using it here? Most carriers in the US except T-Mobile are supposed to have shut down their 2G networks, with T-Mobile expected to do so at the end of 2022. I supposed it's possible, if you're using it with Tracfone, that your W376g has a T-Mobile-based SIM (some Tracfones use the T-Mobile network) in it. In which case you might be able to use it for a while longer.

Verizon is apparently going to take over Tracfone, but I don't know how or if that will affect current users.

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