Well. What did I expect? Coverage in NY Subways

by Rob
(New York)

When I bought the phone, I walked into walmart with a price in mind. Not a particular phone, just a price. I walked out with this tracfone lg420 number. Slightly excited because the phone was most certainly an upgrade from my previous non camera, non web phone. What did largely swing me, was the double minutes I'd be getting. I gave it little thought as to whether the phone was GSM, or CDMA.

Yesterday, I hear about the subs here getting cell coverage, but with only the two GSM carriers; ATT and T-mobile. Initially I was disappointed not to be part of this privy group that can communicate beneath the ground. And then it struck me that tracfone is in fact covered by those two carriers (or at least one). I just didn't know if I had the right phone.

And so here I am smiling to be part of that underground group of GSM cell owners. That I didn't expect.

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Oct 09, 2010
by: Will Powter

My tracfone gets and makes calls where others do not.

It's really an amazing value, when you think about it.


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