Will accessory kit for lg 410g fit lg 420g?

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Connector sockets LG 420g 410g

Connector sockets LG 420g 410g

Q: Will accessory kit for lg410g fit lg420g?

A: Unfortunately, the connector for the LG 420g is not the same as for the LG 410g. There's just one "usb" slot for the charger which is different. Therefore, even the AC wall charger for the LG 410g does not fit the 420g. The same slot is used for the headset, so therefore, you will need a different headset as well.

As of August 2010, Tracfone does not yet offer an accessory kit for the LG 420g, though you may be able to find one in an electronics store.

Remember, this is a Bluetooth phone however, so it's probably easier to get an inexpensive Bluetooth headset which you can use on more than one device rather than running around looking for the appropriate wired headset.

Q: Where to find accessories

A: As of now (August 2010), you can't get them directly from Tracfone. However, I did a search and found a couple of them (on Cellphoneshop - now out of business).

You will probably be able to use this to transfer photos and contacts.

Hope this helps. I'll update as I find more.

Update: Universal Battery Charger

This Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger with LCD Display up to 2000 mA from Amazon may be able to charge your battery outside the phone. People use it to charge extra batteries or if their phone charger connector is broken. There are a few types available including one for under $2, but this seems to get the best reviews.

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