Will say anything. Be careful

by Harry B.
(Lake Worth Florida)

As I was having problems with Mingo, I decided to go to T-Mobile. As all my doctors, medical providers, support team, and emergency buddy buddy system with 4 other seniors have my Mingo tel number, I called T-mobile and asked if my number could be changed(ported) to T-mobile. I was told to hang on. They checked and was told yes. I asked if the local T-mobile would have the same info. He said yes.

So off I went yesterday afternoon to T-mobile and was told to wait while they checked the availability of my old number. The young lady said yes and guaranteed in 4 hrs it would be working.

I asked her once again if this was in fact so she told me absolutely. I paid 106.00 and went home. I waited for my 2 drs to reconfirm my appointments for today. No calls. I called the doctors only to find I had missed their 5pm calls.

I then had my neighbor call my number, and it didn't work. I went to T-mobile, and I was given another number. She apologized and admitted they were wrong. But when I asked to cancel, I was told no cancellations.

T-mobile has no honor to meet with their commitments. They will tell you anything. As far as I am concerned, they stole my money under false pretenses.

I now have filed with the FCC and will file with my credit card company too. Shame on T-mobile, and I was a good customer of theirs for 8 years.

Hi Harry,

I wonder if Mingo's problems are what has caused the delay. Another factor could be that you are porting a phone number from a phones that used the Sprint network (Mingo) to a phone on the T-Mobile network.

In any case, T-mobile should still issue you a refund. Their policy, for purchases from retail locations is that you have 14 days to return your phone and packaging in good working condition for a "refund less any discounts, rebates, or restocking fees".

sb (admin)

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Nov 18, 2012
My suggestion
by: sb (admin)


I am sorry about your situation, but I want to make clear again that I do NOT work for T-Mobile. This website simply contains articles about the various different phone companies and the phones they offer.

Regarding coverage, this is what I found on a separate website:


The only suggestion I have is to ask your buddies which cell phone company they're happy with. Then you can go to a retail store that one of them went to and see if they can help you out.


Nov 18, 2012
tmobile lying is their way of doing buss

hi sb
after i was promised my old tel number which both your office and tmobile both stated the number was available ,that did not happen
i tried cancelling the next day less than 24 hrs when i realized when they had not fufilled their part of the bargain. so in true tmobile fashion they send you over to another tmobile "expert" i had about 9 differant people on the phone that took approx 1 hour of wasted time i believe this is done on purpose in order to frustrate you so you simply give up.
liken this to a bussiness whose phone number is all important
as my tel number has been listed with my drs heart specialist my diabetic clinic appointment centre and others that i am forgetting right now also my buddy buddy emergency group cvs also i am called to assist families when someone dies no social calls no friends i am 71 disabled and cannot start to even try to remember that is why i specifically stated if you cant transfer the number i dont want your service i was assured of my old number and i signed up what a disgusting bunch of incompetant liers tmobile are

Nov 17, 2012
tmobile a true no honesty here
by: Harry B

to sb
thanks for your comment but tmobile plays to their own less than honest rules
here is what happened when i realized i had been lied to and they failed to comply with their part of the agreement less than 24 hrs less than 1 day . i went to cancel they refused,
even though the sales person agreed that porting the number was the only reason for me using tmobile but though they failed to perform cancelling was not an option.
i went home and called tmobile customer service i explained my situatiun and was told cancelling was not possible however she would transfer me to someone who could help me i was transferred me to another idiot i retold what had happened
and was told i need to ta;lk another idiot this was now 20 minutes and was told i was being transferred to billing once again i told this idiot my problem and their complete failure to comply with their agreement. after the 6 or 7th idiot and almost one hour of being transferred
and i hour (home phone) of being played with the last idiot told me i still had so many minutes less than what i had paid for even though i had not used the phone not even once so you have to understand YOU GET BILLED FOR MINUTES YOU DID NOT USE THESE ARE THE BIGGEST SCAMMERS AND ABUSERS YOU WILL NOT GET ANY SATISFACTION YOU WILL BE LIED TO YOU WILL PLAYED WITH BE TRANSFERRED FROM ONE LYING IDIOT TO ANOTHER UNTIL YOU GET FRUSTRATED AND HANG UP WITH NOTHING BEING DONE

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