Wonderful inexpensive phone

by Richard

This phone is wonderful ..... I was using T-Mobile ... No problems ....good phones, good service ... all good , except the price. $39.00 per month BUT after taxes, FCC charges etc ... My monthly bill ran over $60.00..... AND if you wanted to send someone a text ? it was 20 cents for each one .... added to my (already high) bill.

The T301g phone works great ... it just feels good in my hand. Plus ... I carry my phone in my pocket ... It's small enough that retrieving it is no problem ....The Slider mechanism works flawlessly. Most "inexpensive phones" do not have cameras , BUT don't expect great pictures. The camera works fine but the quality is not that great !

Finally ..... I have had to use customer Service 2-3 times ..... Each time The rep. did his/her best to help me .... But , ( through no fault of their own ) Speaking and understanding English was ....and will always be a problem. CS is located in Guatemala. ( enough said )
The Samsung T301g is an inexpensive phone , BUT certainly not a CHEAP phone .... I love it !

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Dec 10, 2010
Thanks for comments.
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for your comments. Glad you're happy with the phone.


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