Watch Youtube Videos on Motorola EX124g?

Q: How to watch Youtube videos on Motorola EX124g phones? Is it even possible?

A: Yes it is (was) possible. Even though the phone is not advertised as being able to play Youtube videos, you could use the Bolt Browser to download these videos in a 3gp format and watch them on your phone. The videos were low-resolution but okay for a phone.

However, it looks like the Bolt browser is no longer available.

Update: Get the Samsung S390G Instead

The Samsung S390G can officially play YouTube videos when connected to a WiFi network. No additional hacks required.

Setup your EX124g

Download Bolt Browser

First you have to download the Bolt Browser and install it in your Java apps folder. Earlier you could go to

to see your download options. Then on your phone's web browser enter one of the download links for the full Java Me version 2.5 (as of Sept 2011). I downloaded the unsigned version at:

Once the file is downloaded, you can launch the file to install the browser.

Go to YouTube Site

Once the Bolt Browser is installed on your phone, go to the Youtube home page. The Bolt browser home page has a link to the YouTube home page so you can just touch that link.

Find a video you want to watch and click on it. You will go to that video's page on the Youtube site. Follow the instruction and Press to Play.

Configure Browser

At this point, the Browser will probably go into a two-step configuration wizard where it will ask you to test whether certain video play on the phone. The videos will NOT be able to play, so you'll have to answer no to those two questions. This will let the Bolt browser know that it needs to download the videos in the low-resolution 3gp file format.

Download and Watch YouTube Video

Download Video

Now go back to the video page and Press Play and the phone will prompt you for a place to download the video. Once the video is downloaded, you can quit the browser, so you don't keep using up your airtime.

Play Video

Then go to My Folder on your phone and find the video you downloaded and select it to play. You may initially get an error message that it's an incompatible file format. If you do, just ignore it and try to play it again. It should start to play.

So, as you can see, it is possible to Watch Youtube videos on Motorola EX124g touchscreen phones. If you already have an EX124g then this should make you happy.