A really nice surprise!

by K Nevins

I ordered this for my mother - she did not want a camera, music, or texting - just a phone that was usable with numbers on the screen that she could actually read without her glasses.

I was a bit hesitant as the Jitterbug is definitely not cheap - especially since it has so few features - but it has been great and my mother really likes it. From the pictures it kind of looks like a toy, but it doesn't in person. The white color is a pearlized white very nice looking, and no bigger than a regular cell phone. The screen numbers are large and easy to see, this is a great phone for anyone who can't read smaller print on regular cell phones.

The monthly service plans are reasonable, and since you are not locked into a plan, it is easy to adjust plans based on actual usage.

One great bonus is the customer service (especially if you have dealt with 'regular' cell phone service!). You can even call customer service and tell them the names and numbers you want added to your phone book and they'll do it. A very professional human always answers - no automated system hell.

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