Straight Talk Unlimited Plans

Starting at $35 every 30 days for Unlimited Talk, Text and 10GB High Speed Data

Straight Talk Unlimited plans start at $35 every 30 days for unlimited calls, messages and 10GB data for the Bronze plan. 

30-Day Single-User Wireless Plans

$35 Bronze Plan

For $35 per month you get unlimited calls, texts and 10GB of data. It is "hot-spot enabled" up to 5GB. That means you have to buy hotspot access separately.

$45 Silver Plan

For $45 per month, you get unlimited data in addition to the unlimited calls and texts. You also get 5GB of hotspot data included. If you use more that 60GB a month, the StraightTalk website says they have the right to review your data usage. This is the case for all their plans with unlimited data.

$55 Gold Plan

The Gold plan increases the hotspot data allotment to 15GB and adds 100GB of cloud storage.

$65 Platinum Plan

The Platinum plan increases the amount of hotspot data to 20GB. HD video streaming is included in this plan. I guess this means that it is not included in the cheaper plans. 

So that's it for the single-user 30-day plans. The rest of the plans either have additional lines or are for longer than 30 days.  Also the rest of the plans have no other branding. They're just called "Unlimited" plans. 

Additional Wireless Plans

$90 Two-Line Plan

The $90 Unlimited two-line plans give you unlimited data, 15GB/line of hotspot data and 100GB cloud storage.

$130 Three-Month Plan

The $130 plan gives you three months of service with unlimited data, 5GB hotspot data, but there is no mention of cloud storage. This plan saves you $5 compared to three months of the equivalent Silver plan.

$255 Six-Month Plan

Same as above. You save $10 compared to six months of the Silver plan, and $5 compared to two three-month plans.

$495 One-Year Plan

Same as above. You save $45 compared to 12 months of the $45 Silver plan. So you're getting one month free for paying for the entire year at once. 

Get these extended plans only after you're satisfied with the service, because, as far as I know, there are no refunds on airtime purchases.

 $60 Unlimited International Calling

This, too, is the same as the $45 plan with the additional of international calling to a large number of countries. Calls to Mexico and Canada are included in all the above plans.

If you are coming off a long-term contract or have an unlimited plan with another carrier, you should consider the Straight Talk plan because of its low cost combined with excellent coverage.

International Calls

You can buy credit separately for making international calls or you can get the unlimited calling airtime card that includes unlimited international calling for $60 per month. Yes, this card also includes unlimited domestic calls, texts and data.

Data - Is it really Unlimited

After some earlier controversy noted below, Straight Talk seems to have clarified its data policy. For the unlimited data plans, they say they have the right to review usage after 60 GB. That's probably enough for most people.

Update 1/27/2015

Straight Talk's parent company has agreed to pay $40 million over the "unlimited" service claims. It turned out that there wasn't a formal data cap, but people were still had their accounts suspended if they used a lot of data. This issue affected a lot more people than I initially thought.  However, with the extra scrutiny, it will probably not be a problem going forward.

5GB High Speed Data

There's been a fair amount of controversy of whether there is a cap on the amount of data you can consume in a day or a month. After much back and forth  (some people even decided it was worth suing them over it), Straight Talk finally gave the details.

As it stands now (2015), you get 5GB of high speed data. After that it throttles down to slower speed.

For a while, they had stopped selling AT&T SIM cards for the BYOP program. Now, in fact, they sell 4G LTE AT&T SIM cards.

Straight Talk Unlimited Phones

Smart Phones

You can now choose from a long list of smart phones to use with your Straight Talk plan. They have the iPhone up to very recent models, although they're not always in stock. In addition, you can choose from many different Android phones. 

Flip and Slider Phones

You might think one reason to get a cheap phone would be to try out the service. However, there's a 30-day guarantee on the phones, so you may as well try a good one, and if you like it, keep it. There's no refund on the first month's service, however.

They used to carry a couple of flip phones, which some people want or need because of personal preference or security restrictions, but I didn't see any listed on their site the last time I looked (April 2022).

SIM Cards and Unlocked Phones

As mentioned above, you can get one of their SIM Cards and use it with an unlocked GSM phone. The SIM card costs $0.99 and is available in the regular or micro-SIM format. This means that you can use them with some unlocked iPhones.

Thanks for reading this Straight Talk Unlimited review.