Straight Talk Unlimited Plans

$45 every 30 days for Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB High Speed Data

Or with Unlimited International Calling for $60

The main Straight Talk Unlimited plan costs $45 every 30 days for unlimited calls, messages and web data. You pay a little more to add international calling.

This plan could be for you if need more than 1500 minutes/1500 messages and 100 MB Web data per month offered under the All You Need plan. You can switch between plans at any time if your phone is compatible with both plans.  Their smart phones require the unlimited plan which is probably why you're here.

If you are coming off a long-term contract or have an unlimited plan with another carrier, you should consider the Straight Talk plan because of its low cost combined with excellent coverage.


You can make as many calls as you want and talk for as long as you want. If you plan to do more talking than messaging, one factor you should consider is the rated talk time of your phone as this will give some indication of the battery life. However, you should expect to recharge smart phones pretty much every day.

International Calls

You can buy credit separately for making international calls or you can get the unlimited calling airtime card that includes unlimited international calling for $60 per month. Yes, this card also includes unlimited domestic calls, texts and data.


If you will be spending more time sending messages or using the web browser, then you can choose from phones with a QWERTY keyboard and/or a touchscreen. Several smart phones are now available.

Data - Is it really Unlimited

Update 1/27/2015

Straight Talk's parent company has agreed to pay $40 million over the "unlimited" service claims. It turned out that there wasn't a formal data cap, but people were still had their accounts suspended if they used a lot of data. This issue affected a lot more people than I initially thought.  However, with the extra scrutiny, it will probably not be a problem going forward.

5GB High Speed Data

There's been a fair amount of controversy of whether there is a cap on the amount of data you can consume in a day or a month. After much back and forth  (some people even decided it was worth suing them over it), Straight Talk finally gave the details.

As it stands now (2015), you get 5GB of high speed data. After that it throttles down to slower speed.

For a while, they had stopped selling AT&T SIM cards for the BYOP program. Now, in fact, they sell 4G LTE AT&T SIM cards.

Full Web Access - Early Flaw Fixed

You can have unlimited web surfing and other data use if you have the right phones. When Straight Talk first came out, one flaw with the Straight Talk Unlimited plan was that web surfing was restricted to certain websites. I actually called up Straight Talk customer support at 1-877-430-2355 to find out what you could actually do. It turns out that you could check your email on Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail, and . . . since you could also check other email accounts through these services via POP, you were OK.

These restrictions were subsequently lifted. Now, with the new selection of touchscreen and smart phones, you can now take full advantage of the data offered under this plan.


Smart Phones

You can now choose from several smart phones to use with your Straight Talk plan. They have the iPhone up to the6 and 6 Plus models, although they're not always in stock. In addition, you can choose from many different Android-powered phones. They also carry Windows Phones and a couple of older Nokia models.

Note: iPhone purchases are limited to two per order presumably to help keep it in stock for more people.

Touchscreen Phones

Earlier, If you just wanted a touchscreen phone, you could still get the app-capable LG 511C with QWERTY keyboard or the WiFi-capable Samsung T528g which worked on both the unlimited and All U Need plans. However, that option is not currently available.


QWERTY phones available include the WiFi-capable Samsung S390G, the Samsung T404g, Samsung R375C, and the LG 900g.

Flip and Slider Phones

If you prefer a slider-style phone you could instead get the LG290C.

There are also a couple of basic flip phones:

  • LG236
  • Alcatel A392G - big button phone

You might think one reason to get a cheap phone would be to try out the service. However, there's a 30-day guarantee on the phones, so you may as well try a good one, and if you like it, keep it. There's no refund on the first month's service, however.

SIM Cards and Unlocked Phones

As mentioned above, you can get one of their SIM Cards and use it with an unlocked GSM phone. The SIM card costs $14.99 and is available in the regular or micro-SIM format. This means that you can use them with some unlocked iPhones.

Thanks for reading this Straight Talk Unlimited review.

Finally, if you don't really need a smart phone or unlimited service, remember that the $30 a month plan may be a good option if you still intend to call and text quite a bit.

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