Straight Talk Smart Phone Options

Sort by Price, Camera Pixels, Screen and more

Running on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint Networks

Getting a Straight Talk smart phone gives you unlimited minutes messages and data for $45 a month. You even have the option of choosing a smart phone that runs on the Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile networks.

Updated 02/07/2016

Here is a sortable list of Straight Talk smart phones. You can sort by price, camera resolution, screen-size and more.

Manuf.Model4G LTENetworkOSCameraFrontScreenPrice
AlcatelPixi Charm LTEYesT-MobileAndroid 4.45 MP0.34.550
AlcatelOnetouch POP Icon 2 LTEYesAT&TAndroid 4.45 MP0.35.0150
AlcatelOnetouch POP IconNoAT&TAndroid 4.45 MP0.35.060
AlcatelOnetouch Pop MegaYesAT&TAndroid 4.38 MP2 MP6.0250
AlcatelOneTouch Pop Star 2YesAT&TAndroid 4.35 MP0.34.060
AlcatelOneTouch Pop StarYesAT&TAndroid 4.35 MP0.34.030
AlcatelOneTouch SonicYesAT&TAndroid 4.15 MP0.34.6100
AlcatelOneTouch Pop NovaYesAT&TAndroid 4.35 MP0.34.040
AppleiPhone 6sYesAT&TiOS 912 MP5 MP4.7650
AppleiPhone 6YesAT&TiOS 88 MP1.2 MP4.7550
AppleiPhone 6 PlusYesAT&TiOS 88 MP1.2 MP5.5750
AppleiPhone 5sYesAT&TiOS 78 MP1.2 MP4.0300
AppleiPhone 5YesVerizoniOS 68 MP1.2 MP4.0350
Apple iPhone 4SNoVerizoniOS 78 MPVGA3.5300
Apple iPhone 4NoVerizoniOS 65 MPVGA3.580
SamsungGalaxy CenturaNoVerizonAndroid 4.03 MP0.03.50.00
SamsungGalaxy Ace StyleNoVerizonAndroid 4.35 MP0.04.040
SamsungGalaxy Core PrimeYesVerizonAndroid 4.45 MP2.0 MP4.550
SamsungGalaxy ProclaimNoVerizonAndroid 2.33 MP0.03.50.00
SamsungGalaxy PrecedentNoSprintAndroid 2.22 MP0.03.2N/A
SamsungGalaxy S4 MiniYesAT&TAndroid 4.28 MP1.9 MP4.3350
SamsungGalaxy S6YesT-MobileAndroid 5.016 MP5.0 MP5.1530
SamsungGalaxy S5YesT-MobileAndroid 4.416 MP2.1 MP5.1400
SamsungGalaxy S4YesT-MobileAndroid 4.313 MP2 MP5.0300
SamsungGalaxy SIIINoAT&TAndroid 4.18 MP1.9 MP4.8180
SamsungGalaxy DiscoverNoAT&TAndroid 4.03 MP0.03.530
LGAccessYesVerizonAndroid 4.45 MP1.3 MP4.570
LGDestinyNo (Enhanced 3G)AT&TAndroid 5.05 MP0.3 MP4.580
LGLuckyNoVerizonAndroid 4.43 MP0.0 MP3.820
LGSunsetYesAT&TAndroid 5.05 MP0.3 MP4.580
LGPowerNoVerizonAndroid 5.05 MP0.3 MP4.540
LGSunriseNoAT&TAndroid 4.43 MP0.0 MP3.820
LGOptimus FuelNoVerizonAndroid 4.43 MP0.03.520
LGOptimus ZipNoVerizonAndroid 2.33 MP0.03.280
LGOptimus DynamicNoVerizonAndroid 2.33 MP0.03.20.00
LGOptimus QNoSprintAndroid 2.33.2 MP0.03.210
LGOptimus ExtremeNoAT&TAndroid 4.05 MP0.04.0130
LGOptimus LogicNoAT&TAndroid 2.33 MP0.03.250
LGOptimus BlackNoSprintAndroid 2.35 MP0.04.0150
LGUltimate 2NoVerizonAndroid 4.45 MP1.34.540
LGOptimus Dynamic IINoVerizonAndroid 4.13 MP0.03.80
LGOptimus QuestNoSprintAndroid 2.35 MP0.03.580
LGOptimus QuartzNoVerizonAndroid 4.38 MP1.05.5200
MotorolaMoto eNoVerizonAndroid 4.45 MP0.04.320
HuaweiAscend YNoVerizonAndroid 2.33.2 MP0.03.510
HuaweiAscend IINoVerizonAndroid 2.35.0 MP0.03.530
HuaweiW1NoAT&TWindows Phone 85 MP0.04.020
HuaweiInspiraNoAT&TAndroid 4.03.2 MP0.03.530
HuaweiInspiraNoAT&TAndroid 4.03.2 MP0.03.530
HuaweiMagnaNoAT&T/T-MobileAndroid 4.35 MP0.04.050
HuaweiProntoYesAT&TAndroid 4.45 MP2.05.050
HuaweiRavenYesVerizonAndroid 4.45 MP2.05.0180
ZTEAllstar LTEYesAT&TAndroid 5.15 MP2.05.090
ZTEAtriumNoVerizonAndroid 4.45 MP0.34.580
ZTELeverYesVerizonAndroid 4.48 MP2.06.0200
ZTEParagonNoAT&TAndroid 4.45 MP0.34.050
ZTEStratos LTEYesVerizonAndroid 5.15 MP2.05.090
ZTEZephyrNoVerizonAndroid 4.45 MP0.34.060
ZTEQuartzNoVerizonAndroid 4.38 MP1.05.5200
ZTERapidoYesVerizonAndroid 4.35 MP1.04.5100
ZTEMeritNoAT&TAndroid 2.35 MP0.03.515
ZTEMidnightNoT-MobileAndroid 2.33 MP0.03.50
ZTEIllustraNoAT&TAndroid 2.35 MP0.03.5100
ZTESolarNoAT&TAndroid 4.15 MP0.04.550
ZTEUnicoYesAT&TAndroid 4.35 MP1.04.550
ZTEValetNoVerizonAndroid 4.13 MP0.03.520
ZTEMajestyNoVerizonAndroid 4.15 MP0.3 MP4.530
ZTESavvyNoVerizonAndroid 4.15 MP0.04.050
ZTEWhirlNoAT&TAndroid 4.13 MP0.03.55
ZTEWhirl 2NoAT&TAndroid 4.33 MP0.03.510
NokiaE71NoAT&TSymbian 9.23.2 MP0.02.410
Nokia6790NoAT&TSymbian 9.22.0 MP0.02.420

Not only is the plan cost hard to beat, but you can add unlimited international calling the mix for an extra $15 a month.

This no-contract or smart phone plan compares favorably with no-contract smart phone plans from providers like Cricket and MetroPCS, but has the advantage of providing coverage via the major networks instead.

Confirming the Networks

If you're wondering how I decided which networks the phones used, I used a number of methods. For many of these phones I simply called or chatted online with a Straight Talk customer service representative directly to confirm which networks the phones use.

In a couple of cases I was transferred to a supervisor before I found someone who was willing to give me this information. I did have to give my zip code, so there is a possibility that some of this information may be different depending on your location. For the other phones, I based it off the forums I monitor.

Straight Talk Smart Phone Battery Life

Here is a rather incomplete list showing the (stated) battery life of some of the phones listed above. There wasn't space to include this information above.

PhoneTalk Time (Hours)Standby Time (Days)
Nokia E71 10.5 17
Samsung Galaxy S II 8 16.6
LG Optimus Extreme 8 13
Huawei Ascend Y 7.2 12.7
Samsung Galaxy Precedent 6 9
LG Optimus Dynamic 6 6
ZTE Merit 5.8 10
Samsung Galaxy Proclaim 5.5 16
Motorola Defy XT 5.5 13
LG Optimus Black 5 8
LG Optimus Q 5 7
LG Optimus Zip 5 7
LG Optimus Logic 4.8 12.7
Nokia E5 4.4 19.5
LG Optimus Logic 4.2 9