Can you Really Get a Free Prepaid Cell Phone?

Yes, if You also Get Airtime

Yes, you can get a free prepaid cell phone or no-contract phone from a couple of different companies online. This is a surprise because there’s no contract to tie you down. True, these phones, with one or two exceptions, are not really high-end phones, but they do the job.

The companies take the risk that if they give you a free phone with the purchase of and airtime card that you’ll be inclined to stick with them for a while even without a contract.

AT&T Prepaid (Gophone)

AT&T is again offering a certified restored ZTE Maven 2 free when you sign up for a new line of service and make at least a $30 payment for airtime. Shipping is free.


Net10 offers the following phones:

  • Alcatel A521L Pop Star LTE 2
  • Huawei Magna
  • Alcatel Pixi Eclipse

These are free when you purchase them with one of the monthly airtime cards which start at $35.

There are also two Buy on Get One Offers:
  • ZTE Solar
  • ZTE Zephyr


Get a free Smartphone with a $20 airtime card purchase

Tracfone also offers the reconditioned Alcatel Pixi Eclipse free with airtime purchase. These are Android 4.4 or phone with 4.0 inch screen but only a 2MP camera.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk currently offers quite a few free phones with the purchase of airtime cards:

  • Alcatel Pop Star 2 LTE
  • Alcatel Onetouch Pixi Eclipse
  • Huawei Magna
  • ZTE Whirl 2
  • ZTE Midnight
  • ZTE Solar

These smartphones requires the $45  or higher monthly plans.

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