Disclosure of Advertising and Affiliate Relationships

In the reviews on this site, I promote, endorse, or suggest cellphone-related products and/or services for sale. These things are not my own. I certainly do not manufacture the cell phones or administer the plans.

Affiliate Links

In many cases, I will be compensated via a commission if someone purchases a product after clicking on an affiliate link on this site. Still, the recommendations are based on my personal judgment that the products may be of value to readers.


This site is also signed up with the Google Adsense advertising platform from which I may also receive compensation.

How Do I get the Products?

For the hands-on reviews, the products or services have been purchased or paid for by myself. A few were borrowed from individuals not associated with the companies that sell them.

So far, I have not been presented with free review copies of products. If that occurs in the future, it will be noted here and in the corresponding reviews.


Always do your OWN due-diligence before making any purchases, whether I recommend them or not. While this site often mentions products and plans based on affordability, they still do cost money. Therefore, never purchase anything that you cannot afford.

Please avoid purchasing products that do not have a clearly stated Money Back Guarantee. While the products and plans reviewed usually have a money back guarantee (at least at the time of review), there are a couple of items in this industry that are usually not refundable. Among these are activation fees and airtime purchases.