Interviews with Prepaid Cell Phone Experts

As you can guess, you can find expert information on prepaid cell phones on a number of different sites in addition to this one. I decided to interview a number of these experts. In addition to finding out what they think about the various phones and plans, I thought it would be nice to find out how and why they started writing about this topic.

For me, the experts fall into two basic different categories: insiders and outsiders. Insider experts are those formally in the telecommunications industry. Outsider experts are those not officially in the industry but who spend time studying and writing about it, either in news publications, on smaller more personal sites such as this one, and on user forums and social media sites.

I hope to be able to talk to as many of these experts as possible. Due to the time involved, I expect this to be a valuable but slowly growing part of this site.

Experts from Forums and Social Media

Yahoo! Answers Expert

I was happy to have my first interview with someone who has answered more than 10,000 questions on Yahoo! Answers. She gives an in-depth answer to a question about choosing a phone or plan for humans and a short answer to one about zombies.