About Me and this Site

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m Shambhu Borah, and I wanted to thank you for visiting the Prepfone website. I have had a lot of fun creating this site. I've been working on it, on and off, since about 2007, so there’s a lot here.

Even though I have a degree in physics from UNC-Chapel Hill I do not use technical jargon on this site if I can avoid it. I do my best to give information that you can rely on to make your own decisions about your cell phone plan. I hope you find it useful and valuable.

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Feedback and User Reviews

I accept the most helpful reviews to keep the quality of the site high. You can tell by reading these user reviews that both positive and negative reviews are welcome as long as you really tell us why. Saying a plan “stinks” isn't really helpful. It is helpful to tell us a phone's keypad didn't last more than a couple of months, or that the speakerphone makes everyone sound like Alvin from the Chipmunks.

I do edit some of the entries for spelling mistakes and offensive language, but I try not to change the overall opinion of the reviewer. Other readers can comment on the guest reviews. Of course, everyone expresses their own opinion.

I do try and strip out any phone numbers or email addresses in the user reviews to try and prevent contributors from receiving unwanted or junk email.

If you think you have anything to add such as a feedback comment or a guest review, go ahead and thanks for the contributions so far!

Where Do I get the Phones?

Just like you, I have either purchased the phones or borrowed them from friends and family in order to evaluate them and write these reviews. I have not received any freebies (so far) from the phone companies.

How Do I Support this Site?

(Note this site is not running ads during the pandemic.)

I normally support this site in two ways.

I run ads, and I use what are called "affiliate links".

When a visitor (perhaps you) clicks on one of these links on this site and goes on to order a phone, I may get a commission. However, I do NOT collect, and I do NOT receive any personal identifying information about who has clicked or bought.

No Sponsored Posts

This site does not accept direct compensation for material published on the site. In other words, there are no "sponsored posts" on this site.

Contact Info

While I have a feedback form for you to contact me anonymously, or you can take a look at my current contact information.

Thank You!

List of Phones

Hi! Since this is a site about cell phones and plans, here are some of the prepaid phones that I used on a consistent basis, and not just for testing.

Before I had a prepaid cell phone I had this weird Siemens cellphone with really tiny buttons. It supposedly had good features not that I knew anything about it at the time. It did its job and gave people (my wife primarily) a way to reach me

2006 - 2007

My first prepaid cell phone was a Nokia 1100 Tracfone. Very basic phone, but I didn't have to worry if my daughter threw it on the ground, though it was I who eventually destroyed the microphone.

2008 - 2009

Next was the Motorola C261 - my first camera phone. It mysteriously disappeared one day and stayed missing until I found it six months later in a nook of our own car.

In the meantime I had switched to the Samsung T301g, my first slider phone.


I finally switched to a Net10 phone with the Samsung T401g, my first QWERTY phone. I kept this phone even as I continued reviewing others.


I got the LG 900g - the first Net10 phone that could (or was allowed to) run Java apps - though not all that well. Still, I liked the phone itself, especially the screen and the keyboard.

2012 - 2013

I would have kept that device, but Straight Talk finally introduced their first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. This made a huge difference in how I used the phone as I became addicted to the email and text alerts.

Despite indications that smart phones are clearly the only option many consider, I switched back temporarily to such basic phones in quick succession as Motorola EM326g, the  LG 300g, and the Samsung S275g.


After using a ZTE Midnight for a couple of months, I have switched to a flip phone, the Jitterbug Plus, for testing.


I used the Greatcall Touch 3 for a few months.


I'm currently using a very basic TCL A2 from Tracfone.

Going forward, however, I expect to use and review mainly smart phones, though  I will slip in a feature phone or two.