Unique Cell Phone Cases

Made by Artists and Designers

Unique cell phone cases make great gifts for family, friends or just yourself. So how do you find one? Right here . . . if you keep reading.

Once you've chosen the phone however, you realize that it's going to be with you a large part of your waking time.

So how can you make it brighten your day? Make it unique with a beautiful handmade cell phone case! A couple of years ago, I interviewed a few designers who made these cases (and sold them on Etsy.com).

The Interviews

Suezybees Designs

May 4, 2010

sailboat cell phone case by Suezybees Designs

Sue of SuezyBees Designs is a well-known artist/designer based in Brighton, UK. In addition to being mentioned on many blogs, she was featured in the affa craft book. Her cheerful handmade creations are available on Etsy. She says her work is inspired by, ". . . trees, birds, houses, beach huts, sailing boats and ice cream."

CbSew Designs

April 7, 2010

80's retro chic cell phone case by CbSew Designs

Sherry of CbSew Designs describes herself as a child of the 80's loves "kitschy items and old school nerdy goodness".

Wallaby Bag Company

March 28, 2010

Handmade cell phone case by the Wallaby Bag Company

Carrie was inspired by her travels to create the Wallaby Bag Company. She designs and makes some really cool cell phone cases and laptop sleeves.

Other Choices

If you don't need something that's necessarily hand-made, there are places where you can customize your case with your own designs or photos.