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Interview with Sherry

I was hooked the first time I saw a 80's retro chic cell phone case by Sherry aka CoolBeans717 of CbSew Designs. And they just kept getting better and better. Each new case seemed to hit a nerve (the funny bone). Probably, it was the combination of 80's nostalgia and ridiculousness in an unexpected place. Let's find out a little more about this whiz from from Show Low, Arizona.

1. Thank you for joining us today. Please take a moment to tell us about CbSew Designs and anything else you'd like our reader to know about yourself.

CbSew a fun place to find felt, leather and fabric goodies, iPod, iPhone, iTouch Cell Phone, MP3, PSP, and DS LITE covers, cases and cozies! From geek to chic, home to on the go, great gifts and home accessories for the whole family.

I love creating, sewing, felt and fun from aprons to baby bibs, pillows to pincushions and my latest items are icovers (ipod, itouch, iphone cases) thanks to my techie friends who have gadgets for every occasion and now the cases to match.

2. I burst out laughing several times while looking at your cases. Where do you get your ideas and your sharp visual sense of humor?

Being child of the 80's I love kitschy items and old school nerdy goodness. Every day I get inspired by the ordinary and not so ordinary items around me and with camera in hand these items have now evolved from mere pictures to everyday useful items. I find the humor in life and love to convey that into my work.

3. As a child of the 80's what were your favorite bands or TV shows?

Oh where do I start! From cartoons to sitcoms I wouldn't even know where to begin. I try to incorporate all the fun from my childhood into my art. I often sit around and reminisce about how the culture has evolved and how technology is seems to be taking over. Remember when cell phones were as big as a bread box? Imagine making cases for those. :)

4. Does residing in Show Low, Arizona have any influence on your creations?

It does quite a bit as Show Low is considered rural Arizona, believe it or not we have a very large yearly snowfall here. Due the fact the area is sparsely populated and the nearest craft store is more than 2 hours away. I always have to plan my creations and the materials need to bring them to life. This goes from ordering supplies to shipping times and costs.

5. Thanks again for this interview. I see that you're coming up on your one-year anniversary on Etsy. How would you describe your experience and what are your plans for the future?

Etsy is a fantastic place for those who have the creative itch. It allows me to share my silly and fun creations with the world and I get a lot of positive feedback via email and even letters. It makes me happy to bring a little humor into people lives even if they are across the planet! Every day I'm expanding my line and hope to have a wonderful range of products in the near future.

Thank you so much for your time and your creative and fun blog!

April 7, 2010


Please visit Sherry's CbSew Designs Shop on Etsy to check out more of her unique creations. Whether you're a child of the 80's yourself or know someone who is, you're sure to find something to like there.