Absolutely a rape of my hard earned money

by Ann Yea

I have another Tracfone that works great and does not charge to read messages but I wanted to "update" and have a "camera", this fone is a piece of crap. I literally have to go outside before hitting send to send a message. It will not send from within a normal house and I have a phone tower 3 blocks from me. Then it says network unavailable! And you go outside to send it and you have to go back through the whole contact that you want to send it to thing before you can send.

I also notice the texting is very slow and have to wait for the LG 600g to recognize a letter or else I have a miss-spelled mess. I am just very disappointed in this fone. Also you cannot see who is sending you a message, and it might be from Tracfone but you are charged minutes to find out.

I have kids in 2 states so I check my messages to be sure everyone's okay. It is certainly not feasible to have double minutes for life when they charge you to read and send. I just want to throw it in the trash!

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Nov 24, 2009
Thanks for comments
by: admin

Hi Ann,

Too bad the "fone" isn't working out for you. You could try returning it and getting a replacement or refund though that can be quite inconvenient when you're talking about a phone you rely on.

As for the text messages, I've always been charged for sending AND receiving messages. If you weren't before, that might mean you were on a different type of network previously - Tracfone has agreements with several different providers. Generally, most companies in the US charge for sending and receiving.

Thanks for you comments, and let us know if it works out.

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