Accessing the dial keypad during calls

by Alois Kuhelj

When I call somebody and the person is not there, it would say for example, "Press one or press two to leave message". I can not press either one or two because there is no keypad on the screen. What should I do, I don't have any idea? Is anybody there who can help?

Another thing is, on my old phone I had set up a code to be able to access my home phone to check my messages. Now I can't do it. Can anybody help with a simple explanation that I can understand? Thanks!

Hi Alois,

In order to access the dial pad during a call, press and and hold the unlock button to unlock the screen and then touch the dialpad "button" to access the numeric keypad.

I'm not clear about your second question. In my case, to access my home phone's voicemail, I simply call my home phone and press a particular button (I think the "*" key) to access the voicemail menu, and then I have to enter my password for my home phone. Now if you have a separate physical answering machine that is plugged into your phone, then you would have to follow the instructions for that particular machine.

Note, the reverse case is also possible. You can also check your cell phone messages from your home phone by dialing your cell phone number and pressing the star (*) keywhen you get to the voicemail menu.

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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