(Almost) Indestructible

by Louis Guzzetta
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

Yea, I really like this phone. I mean I texted a lot and I put it through a lot of abuse and it still kept on going. I had dropped it so much and pinched it in so many different ways the black plastic had become more of a dull black than the shiny one that it was normally.

The only problem I had with the LG 225 was the camera stopped working after a quick dip in the toilet the one day. I quickly grabbed it and dried it as best i could but the camera never came back. That was the only problem i had with it, well until it had met an unfortunate demise about a week ago in a car fire.

Other than that it was the best it could be, and I would buy another in a heart beat.

Reliable and a Good Deal

by Spencer
(Southampton, NY )

I have been using tracfone for about eight years. My company provides a cell phone but I feel funny about my boss knowing all the numbers I dial. Plus, if I should ever change jobs, I'll know that people outside of work will be able to reach me.

I have had the LG225 since it was made available. It has been the most reliable phone I have ever owned. It holds a charge for a good long time, is easy to use even in the dark (A serious factor for me) and the tracfone rates keep it cheap.

I wouldn't mind having more gadgets on it, but those things are over-rated.

It's not the best at anything, but it is good enough in everything.

Gets more "bars" than my son's expensive phone.

by Patricia
(Orlando, FL USA)

Have had it 4 yrs. Needed replacement one time due to dropping out of pocket while riding my bike. It gets more "bars" than my son's expensive phone. Love it!!

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