Anyone have Medical apps for tracfone?

by Mary
(Dixon, MO)

I need free medical apps for my tracfone.

Hi Mary,

Here are the Java apps I found from a quick search:

vClinic lets you track your medicines and when you take them. Their official website seems to be gone and replaced with a generic page, but you can still get the app at where you can also get the following ones.

BAC is a blood-alcohol concentration calculator. You enter your weight, gender, the number of drinks consumed, over how many hours, and the app estimates your BAC.

Their are other similar "calculator" type apps. Their is an app that calculates your body-mass index (BMI) for fitness. There are a couple of Pregnancy calendar apps which give you health tips based on which week of pregnancy it has calculated.

So that was not a very long list, so I searched for other examples, and I found the Help Diabetes app, a carb-counting application.

Hope this helps. In general if you're looking for a particular type of app, I would recommend typing into google or another search engine, the term, "java app __________", where the blank is the specific topic you're interested in. That's how I found the diabetes app above. Then go ahead and download the app to see if it works on your phone.

If you are using any of these apps to manage your medications, I would make sure they really work as expected and discuss them with your doctor.

sb (admin)

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Feb 28, 2015
health app
by: Anonymous

I am looking for an app that uses the camera to check oxygen concentration and heart rate. I already have one for heart rate but would be great to have them both together. I have an android tracfone and am waiting for a health wrist band that has open sensors that have the apps for heart rate, blood oxygen sensor, activity sensor, and temp sensor. These are 24/7 monitors. this is the web site for this health wrist monitor but they don't have any for sell now but are working on getting the production up again.

Aug 18, 2012
Medical References
by: Anonymous

Thanks so very much!!!

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