Avoid this phone!

by Jeff Ryan
(Killeen, Texas)

I got mine thru the Net10 website when they first came out almost 2 years now, and it's been a headache. In spite of some otherwise nice features, it doesn't access missed or dialed calls often, only reverting back to the menu. I also missed a few calls with no record of getting them at all except for the voice mail message on one. It is a big deal when a call doesn't show up in missed calls.

The EM326g also locks up often and the battery & sim cards have to be removed and put back in which only sometimes works. Naturally it's already out of warranty. Would have been nice if Motorola made right with people having problems.

I'm looking at the LG 900g as a replacement because I like NET10 and will never buy another Motorola again.

Save yourself the hassle and pick another model.

Memory Full

by jocelyn

I have this phone and love it, the only problem is when I get pictures sent to me, the phone says the memory is full, but I deleted all my texts and have no pictures in the phone. Does anyone know what the issue is?

Old Nokia beats this in Central VA

by Anonymous

I have 2 net10 phones: This phone and an old Nokia 1600. The 1600 gets much better reception than the 326g. I do not get service inside my home, but can get it in my driveway with the Nokia. I have to drive about 3/4 mile from my home before I can get service with the 326. The service is terrible.

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