Basic User

by Anonymous

I've had this phone for 7+ years and have no issues. The perfect basic phone for someone who does not talk all day.

My first color screen mobile phone

by Martin Velkovski

This specific Motorola,the V170 model was my first color screen mobile phone.I was pretty excited when I got it because it was something new in the mobile phone world.I have also been quite fond of folding phones,so the Tracfone Motorola V170 was the cutest folding mobile phone I could buy at the time.

While using it I was quite happy with the way it fits in to my hand because I used it heavily and it was important that I felt comfortable. The V170 scores heavily when it comes to comfort. Another thing that I was happy about was the size of the phone. When folded it was so small,I was able to put it just about anywhere.

But the main thing why I loved my V170 Motorola was because it was so easy to use! The keys felt so comfortable when sending long text messages. There are a few complaints about the battery life in the later years of usage, but that is understandable, and the lack of camera. Everything else was pretty good.

Great basic flip phone!

by AaronA
(Beaverton, OR)

I have been using the this cell phone as my only cell phone for the last 6 months, and I can tell you it is exactly what I wanted and needed in a cell phone.

It has a clamshell form factor, which helps reduce wear and tear on the keypad, as well as preventing any accidental dialing. This is key to me, since I am constantly getting “ghost” calls from my friends who can’t seem to figure out how to lock their slider phones. Makes me mad!

The battery has a long life to it, and the display is easy to notice how much juice you have before it runs dead. The LCD color display works well and is easy to view, even in low light. The phone book capacity could be higher than the 250 it comes with, but that’s really a lot of numbers when you think of it!

In all, the Motorola V170 is a great phone for those of us who want a phone, and not a small computer.

Not that good

by Ryan

First of all my battery runs out fast and takes forever to recharge. It takes forever to send a text and you can't close your phone in the process.

Deleting texts takes a long time, and you can't close your phone in the process, it can only hold up to 15-20 texts before you have to delete them and I don't even know how to get more units.

It's ok

by Sam

I got this a while ago and I want to upgrade now. I like this phone though because when you text, it doesn't cost to receive any texts. I am trying to find another Tracfone that doesn't cost to receive. All the sites say it costs .3 units to receive texts with this phone but it doesn't. Does anybody know if it does cost to receive texts with the LG600g?

Voicemail Hell

By Anonymous

I lost my voicemail feature and spent more than 30 minutes on the land line with Tracfone, from what sounded like a boiler factory. I finally had to leave and the issue is unresolved. Tracfone service is lousy.

More minutes please!

by Aaron Medlin
(Lancaster, SC)

Can you give me more minutes, this V170 phone is cool.

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