Battery Draining

LG240g Power Save

LG240g Power Save

Suddenly my battery is draining from the LG 420g because the backlight is constantly on and I can't get it to shut off. How do you turn it off?

If I hit the volume button on the side when phone is closed it will turn its self off and I have to remove battery and put back in to get it work.


I received both these questions at about the same time so I'm combining them here. Hope that's okay. Let me take the backlight issue first. There are two ways to set the backlight settings. The first is to check on the "Power Save" mode to Auto or On. To do that, go to Menu -> Phone Settings -> Power Save. In the picture I've uploaded, mine is set to off because I need to keep the display on long enough for taking the photos. In order to adjust the backlight settings, we will need to temporarily turn this off. You can do it now or wait until you get to the Backlight menu and then turn it off when prompted.

Now go to the Menu -> Settings -> Display -> Backlight. Use the Up/Down navigation keys to highlight the "Main screen duration" field and press the Left/Right navigation field to adjust that down to a reasonably short time (you can go as low as 5 seconds).

Next you can also adjust the "Main screen brightness" and Keypad light duration as well.

Of course, all this presumes that these settings are working on your phone. If not, then something may be broken.

Once you've adjusted the settings you may want to turn the Power Save back on Auto.

As for the second problem, with the phone turning off when hitting the volume buttons when closed, I haven't had anything similar happen to my phone. When I press the volume button, all that happens is that the phone's external screen toggles between the date and the time. I've had no problems with my battery, but perhaps your battery is not charging properly?

Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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Sep 21, 2011
Power Saver Does Not Work
by: Anonymous

I too have this problem, and turning on the power saver does not help. The light stays on.

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