Bill not shrinking

by Joyce Buchanan
(Houston TX USA)

I have been paying my bill on time for over a year an better and there have not been any shrinkage. The Boost Mobile bill was suppose to go down after six on time payments I have not had a reduction on my bill yet my bill is due on the sixth of the month I am wondering when there will be any deduction. Thank you.

Hi Joyce,

Hmm. The only thing I can think of is that you weren't signed up for the service. According to the Boost website, as of 10/14/2010, all new customers are supposed to be signed up automatically for the monthly unlimited plan with shrinkage. Before then, you had to actually sign up for the Shrinkage option - it wasn't enough to simply have the Boost Unlimited plan.

Since you say you've had Boost for over a year, there's a chance you weren't signed up for the shrinkage option when you started. Eventually since the plan became automatic, you may have thought or been told you didn't need to do anything to get the Shrinkage.

Since you've been making the payments online, I would suggest calling up Boost Mobile's support and explaining the situation. By now, it looks like you've made at least 12 on-time payments, so your bill on the Monthly unlimited plan is supposed to shrink from 50 per month down to 40.

Boost Mobile's support number is:


Hope this helps.

sb (admin)

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