Blank Phone Screen

by Tom Herbstritt
(Saint Marys, PA USA)

First LG phone got wet while hunting in a snow storm. Would only function partially. Decided to buy another and got the LG420G. Phone functioned for a while, but suddenly the screen would not display. Seems that all features were operable since it would power up and the opening music would play.

Sometimes Worked

Using the braille system, I was able to make calls to my land line. Once in a while when the screen panel was opened from the closed clam position, the screen would light up and I scrambled to copy my contacts list in anticipation of a new device. After a few minutes, the screen would go black again. So I purchased a Samsung device.

New Battery Didn't Help

A call to either Tracfone or LG informed me that there was no reset code for this device. I purchased a new battery just in case it was a power problem, but that was not the solution.

Fix to Donate

I would like to repair this phone so I could give it to some needy person. Ironically the phone that became unusable due to moisture, now seems to function.


Broken wires?

It's difficult to guess what could be causing the problem. I know that with laptop computers, the wires that provide power to the backlight sometimes break. However, I don't know how common that it with phones.

2G Phone

I admire your dedication to not throwing away your 420g, however that phone relies on the 2G network, which is no longer supported. I would respectfully suggest recycling the phone and donating something else instead.


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