Bluetooth connection to Nissan Sentra

by Dave
(Commerce Twp. MI)

I just bought 2 of these and am having a problem getting them to work with my Nissan Sentra's Bluetooth. Both phones work as far as placing and receiving calls, but when I try to dial a number by speaking the name, the Sentra doesn't recognize any names in my list.

And when a call comes in the display is blank instead of showing the name of the caller. Yet when I ask for a phone book it shows all the names in my list. Any idea how to get this working?

Also where in the world can I find a manual? I've looked all over the net and all I can find is the bare bones one on Tracfone. It doesn't cover 1/10 of the phones functions.

Hi Dave,

Unfortunately, I still don't have a Bluetooth car kit, so I can't help you out there. Hopefully someone else can.

Interactive Tutorial

I don't know of a more complete manual, however there is an Interactive tutorial here.

Problem pairing with 2011 Forester via Bluetooth

by jdjoe420

I have seen various people and various cars have had trouble using the hands free blue tooth connection. Yes, I have experienced the same problem with a 2011 Forester.

It pairs but calls cannot be heard on the car speakers. Hopefully someone can resolve this problem, at least for safety's sake.

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