Bluetooth On Tracfone Handsets

Looking for Bluetooth on Tracfone handsets? You are in luck. Most Tracfone handsets offer Bluetooth, but some of the older models do not allow file transfer. The newer models like their Android models and more recent models like the Samsung T404g, the LG 840g and 800g, the Motorola EX124G offer full access. Older models and basic models such as the Samsung T301g, Samsung T245g and the Motorola W376g do not. All these will work with your Bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth Tracfones

Android Handsets

All the smartphones now available from Tracfone have full Bluetooth features. These come in especially handy for downloading the higher resolution photos available from these phones.

LG 840g

The LG 840G is available as a triple minutes phone. This is a compact touchscreen phone with WiFi access, camera and music player. Read the review to see a full discussion of its advantages and disadvantages.

Samsung S425g and T404g

The Samsung S425g is one of the newer handsets. It has a 2 MP camera and offers Bluetooth for file transfer and headset connection. It's a pretty good prepaid phone. It costs about $50 new, but you can get a refurbished one for less. Check out the review here.

Older Models compatible with Bluetooth Headsets

Samsung T301g

The Samsung T301G is a slider phone with a nice large (for its time) screen for sending text messages and also picture messages containing the photos you take with its camera. You can pair the T301g with your Bluetooth headset, however you can not hook it up to a PC, as far as I know.

Samsung T245g and T155g

The Samsung T245G and T155g are very basic flip phones and can pair with headsets.

Motorola W376

The Motorola W376 is a cute and stylish little flip phone with convenient external indicators that tell you when the phone is charging and when there are calls or messages. It even has an FM radio for your entertainment. Like the T301g, this phone's Bluetooth capability is fine for pairing with a headset, and that's all. So far as I know, there is no Tracfone W376 Bluetooth hack that gives you access via a PC. If you find a way let me know!

BTW, Most of these phones qualify for . . . free shipping.