Boost Mobile Review

Unlimited Plans with Lots of Data for Less

Updated 04/10/2022

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Boost Mobile fits the bill if you're looking for affordable unlimited plans with lots of data going from under $10 a month (paid yearly) to $50 a month for unlimited data.

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Coverage by T-Mobile

Coverage is provided by T-Mobile, which acquired Sprint, the previous provider. To check out yours, go to the Coverage Map and enter your zip code to see the coverage in your area.

Boost Mobile Rates and Plans

Boost Mobile offers a simple set of unlimited talk and text plans with varying amounts of data, they make it confusing by offering some of them only to new customers on a separate page. Even on the main plans page, some of the plans are only available to new customers, which complicates things further. Read on for a simple description of these plans.

Unlimited Talk and Text Plans for New Customers

New Boost Mobile customers can sign onto a plan that costs $100 for a whole year for 1GB data per month and unlimited talk and text. This works out to $8.33 per year! 

This is clearly a foot-in-the-door offer, but for those who have access to WiFi for most of the day, 1GB per month may be enough. It's good enough for me.

On the other end, you can pay $300 a year for unlimited talk, text and data, which works out to only $25 a month,  For unlimited data, that's a deal. 

Here's the full list.

Monthly Plans

  • $15 for 2GB Data (on a separate page they say this is only for new BYOD customers
  • $25 for 5GB Data 
  • $50 for Unlimited Mobile Data. Hotspot Data limited to 12GB
  • $60 for Unlimited Mobile Data. 30GB Hotspot data and Unlimited Calls to Mexico

Three Month Plans

  • $45 for 5GB per month which works out to $15 per month.
  • $90 for Unlimited Mobile data (12GB Hotspot data) which works out to $30 per month.

12 Month Plans

  • $100 for twelve months of unlimited talk and text and 1GB data per month which works out to $8.33 per month!
  • $168 for 2GB per month which works out to $14 per month
  • $240 for 15GB per month which works out to $20 per month - this is the only new customer plan that offers 15GB per month.
  • $300 for unlimited mobile data (12 GB Hotspot data) which works out to $25 per month.

Regular Unlimited Talk and Text Plans

There are three regular Boost Mobile phone plans that don't depend on whether you are a new customer:

  • $35 for 10GB per month
  • $50 for Unlimited mobile data and 12GB Hotspot data per month
  • $60 for Unlimited mobile data and 35GB Hotspot data per month

Plan Add-Ons

There are a few features you can add to your plan such as HD video streaming for an additional $10 per month, and Secure WiFi for $2 per month.

Community Add-Ons

Boost Mobile's airG, available as an add-on, attempt to build a community around Boost Mobile users, presumably to keep them on the service.

airG includes

  • Chat - an online social media chatting platform
  • Hookt - a messaging platform
  • Play - a gaming platform that includes Big Barn World, which Boost Mobile claims is a "farming sensation"!

Boost Mobile Phones

Here are a few deals on Boost Mobile phones.

Current Deals

  • $200 off the iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
  • $250 off the Samsung Salaxy A53 5G
  • $150 off Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
  • $60 off Samsung Galaxy A03s
  • $130 off Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • $180 off Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  • $120 off Motorola g Stylus 5G
  • $70 off Motorola g Pure
  • $70 off Motorola g Power
  • $60 off TCL 20 XE
  • $140 off Celero 5G

Get One?

Boost Mobile offers some great rates on unlimited plans. As long as you don't sign up for a lot of extras, these plans could definitely be good for your budget.

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