Can You Tether Optimus Dynamic to Laptop?

by sb

Q: Can you Tether this phone to a laptop
A: No. Tethering usually means hooking up your phone in order to use to to access the internet via the phone's data connection. You cannot do this with the Dynamic offered by Tracfone.

Transfer Media

If you hook up the Dynamic via the USB connector, you are able to download and upload files from the memory card installed on the phone. That means you can transfer your music, photos and videos from or to the phone.


If you really want to use your phone to access internet from your laptop or other device, then I suggest getting a phone and plan from a provider that allow you to use your phone as a hotspot. Two no-contract providers that do this are Virgin Mobile and FreedomPop.

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Feb 05, 2016
Re; tethering
by: Anonymous

Verizon wireless prepaid will allow it too, provided you have a unlimited plan and a capable phone. I can use my laptop on my Moto E 2nd generation using the hotspot feature.

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