Cannot access the web

by Nancy Ambrose

I cannot access the web. Web button goes nowhere. (picture spins with no contact)

I cannot send a picture to an email address.
Do not know how to put an email address in my address book.

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Mar 04, 2010
Check signal strength then call customer service
by: admin

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your questions.

There have been two situations when I've had difficulty accessing the web.

The first situation was simply when the network signal strength was low. When the signal is low, not enough data gets through cleanly to be able to establish a connection. For some reason you can still make calls but web access doesn't work.

The second situation occurred years ago when I first got a Motorola C261 which apparently wasn't enabled for web access even though it had a web button and I still got charged airtime if I tried to use it. It was probably a problem with the phone. It didn't bother me much at the time because you could only access tracfone's site and I wasn't that interested in downloading ringtones.

In your case I would check that your signal strength is okay. If it is, then I'd try customer service once to see if they can resolve it, otherwise just return the phone and get another one.

Regarding your second question, when you add a contact you should be able to specify the type of contact as an email contact or be able to enter an email address in the email field of the contact info. Tracfones vary with how they handle this. Unfortunately, since I'm currently checking out another phone, I don't have an activated LG 600 to be able to check this.

Hope this is of some help.

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