Cannot pair with F-150 with SYNC

by Mike

Just got the phone primarily for the Bluetooth, in order to pair with my new F-150 with SYNC. It will not work! Other bluetooth phones work fine in the truck, but not the T401g.

Also, I notice I am getting charged 5 cents for texts. I will call Tech support on Monday.

Meanwhile, has anyone else tried to pair this with a SYNC system? If so, what is your experience?


If you plan to use the Samsung T401g phone and pair it with the Microsoft SYNC available on Ford vehicles, it will not work. After an hour of trying to understand the people in South America technical center (bad reception, distracting background noise,accents so heavy communications was all but impossible)I was finally able to discern from tech support this phone will not work with SYNC.

Also, it is very common for this phone to charge you 5 cent texting when on the package they claim 3 cent texting.

The phone works great otherwise...nice quality, reasonable price, but once purchased, they won't take it back just because their Bluetooth is not compatible with SYNC.

Works great with my Toyota Highlander

by Pops

I just got mine at Radio Shack. Great call at a great price. Paired up to my Toyota Highlander and it works great: clear going out and coming in.

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Oct 02, 2010
Thanks for the useful info
by: sb (admin)


Thanks for asking about and then following up on this issue. I combined your two posts into one so people can find the info in one place.

Regarding the 5 cent texting issue. While I haven't had that problem, others have reported it. Tech support should fix that for you. One reader suggesting contacting tech support by email and asking them to email the code entry mode numbers so you don't have to spend the time on the phone.

Thanks again.


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