Cannot receive or send photos

I can send and receive text messages and send and receive calls. But now all of a sudden I cannot receive or send photos. I used to be able to.

They tell me I am in a poor reception area. If that is so then why does the rest work.

When I want to send a photo it says "no service" Get NO help from customer service. Would not recommend this phone.

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Nov 18, 2018
A Tip from the Web
by: Anonymous

I've read that anyone having trouble sending and receiving pictures should send a photo to their own phone. This will check your phone & the network settings & may correct any bad settings.

In other words take a photo and send it to yourself. Make sure that the photo is not too large. I would take a photo at the low resolution setting of your phone camera.

I currently have a 238c Tracfone that runs on the Verizon CDMA network. It is the only phone I have ever owned that will always send & receive photos.

Having a camera on your phone with the ability to send and receive photos is truly amazing. But it has to work.

My short list of essential cell phone requirements are as follows:

Must be able to make & receive voice calls.
Must be able to send & receive text messages.
Must be able to send & receive pictures.

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