Cannot see who is texting before opening

On my phone, it was one of the ones that cost $29.99, it only shows the first word of the actual text and not the phone number. This is so annoying because I cannot see who is texting me unless I open it first and waste .5 min. I can't even avoid texts because I have to open each one to see who sent me a text in the first place! I've tried to change it and see if there is an option to change it, but I've come up with nothing! Can anyone help?

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Aug 18, 2011
Unwanted Texting
by: L>L>K>

I do not text at all. I think a better solution should be found. Paying for someone to text you 8 to 10 times a day gets expensive. In this world of high tecnology you would think they could come up with something for those who do not text. Maybe time to find another way or phone service.

Apr 23, 2010
Unwanted Text Messages
by: dilberta

I do not text a lot, which is why I have a prepaid cell phone. It iritates me that I have to accept a text message just to see if it is something important. If I could see the number, I could determine if I wanted to accept, reject or block the sender. They need to improve this portion of their service.

Mar 28, 2010
Re: Cannot see who is texting..
by: Blooom

I don't mind not being able to see who is texting. I can save the minute sometimes this way. If someone is texting me, I immediately click 'exit' and not view the message. This is not going to deduct the minutes. After that, I would just go to inbox to see new messages. Some people (especially if I expect them to text me) send very very short msg that I can actually understand without even viewing the message. If this is what I get, I would delete the new unread message right away. No worry about minutes!! If the message seems longer, I guess I have to open to read it... This is just my way of saving minutes.

Feb 17, 2010
nothing so far
by: admin

Thanks for your question.

So far all I've come up with is that you can block numbers your text message settings, but, of course, that's after the fact.

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