Can't answer phone (hands off) in car because it went into "private" mode

by Sharon
(Fort Wayne, IN)

Got new car. Cell phone was setup in car. It rings in car, but we accidentally tried to answer from cell phone one time. Now it will not allow us to answer through the car because the car now says the phone is in private mode, and we must answer the phone by using the phone. Any solutions?

Hi Sharon,

Congratulations on the new car. Regarding your question, I'm not sure. Here are a couple of guesses/checks:

1) Check that the Bluetooth answer mode is set to handsfree: Go to Menu > Settings > Call > BT answer mode and select "Hands-free".

If that isn't it,

2)I would try un-pairing the devices, removing the device from the paired devices list and scanning to add it again.

Some other phones have more options that you can check, but not the 420g, so this is all I can think of to try. Perhaps some other readers have more experience with this issue.

Hope this helps.


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