Can't disable Browser Button

by Tim
(Absecon, NJ, USA)

Is there a way to disable the browser icon on the EX124g home screen? When I tap "exit" from a previous screen one too many times (because it doesn't always recognize my "tap") it goes into browser mode and charges me .5 minutes. Then when I'm panicking to "exit" the browser, I once again tap it too many times and it exits & then goes right back into the browser again.

I'd REALLY like to disable or remove this button ... or add a password for browser access or just disable browsing altogether. I can always re-enable the browser the few times I really need it. Any suggestions??

Thanks for your help!

Hi Tim,

I don't think you can disable it. The same thing happened to me several times. In my case, the response to the tap takes an extra half-second to the point where I think I didn't tap it properly.

If you have a phone directly from a major carrier like AT&T or Verizon, then you could ask to turn off the internet access completely, but that's no good if you occasionally use it.

So, welcome to the world of accidental data usage! The phone companies make tons of money every year on this stuff.

Any Possible Workaround?

I'm still trying to think about a possible workaround. I tried changing the default home page to blank but that doesn't look like it works.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

sb (admin)

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Dec 27, 2012
"Back" option
by: Cliff

I found this a similar problen when I "backed" out of a location. Accidental touching of the Globe icon. I trained myself to hit the "End" button instead of "backing" immediately takes you to the home screen.

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