Can't recommend

by Myrna
(HB, CA)

Bought it because of BlueTooth capacity. That does work well, but other features are frustrating.

7 day/10day battery time is a lie. My standby life is never more than 3 days. I even sent the first phone back as defective, but the replacement is no better.

Also Tracfone took 2 weeks on each phone to port my number and transfer my minutes/svc date. At one point they took all my minutes and number away and said I wasn't the registered there...naner, naner. You just have to be persistent until you get someone who knows what they are doing to get the service you have paid for.

But this phone is really not very good. I would not recommend it. Also, you can't charge it using PC/USB. There is a driver listed at both Motorola and Tracfone sites, but it does not work. There are lots of testimonials to the fact that this is a difficult, non user-friendly phone. I don't recommend it.

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Mar 20, 2011
I totally agree !
by: Anonymous

I purchased this phone thru a well known TV home shopping network in March 2010. I followed the charging instructions to a "T". The so called "long battery life" turned out to be just that, so called! With NO calls made or received the battery didn't last more than 48 hours off of the charger. Went thru the long customer service call ( thankfully an 800# ) being put on hold back & forth for well over an hour, got disconnected & had to call back & go thru the whole mess again. Finally got them to agree to send a "new" battery for phone. When the "new" battery finally arrived it's production date was more than a year OLDER than the one that came in the phone! After installing & charging battery #2 it was the same story, with NO use the battery would go dead in 48 hours or less. I don't live on the phone like so many do these days, so I'm not sure how long the battery would last with constant calls being made & coming in. But I dare say not very long.

Wish I'd had access to this sort of feedback before I made this purchase. I definately wouldn't have wasted the money! This phone was purchased basically for travel only ( thank goodness )& it has pretty much soured me on even owning a cell phone. Just hope I can use up all of my minutes before they run out in May 2011.

If you need a prepaid cell phone that has decent battery life, this isn't the phone you are looking for!

Feb 09, 2010
Thanks Myrna
by: admin


Thanks for your detailed comments. I'm sorry you've had this problem. I've mainly used the W376g during testing and it seemed fine, though I did have a problem with activating a refurbished model. The problem was simply that the SIM card number in the phone didn't match the number in their system, though it took a while to determine the problem. Once that was taken care of, everything was fine.

It's a shame the W376g didn't work out for you as it is a fairly attractive phone. You might want to try the Samsung T301g or the LG 600 instead, both of which get pretty good reviews. There is a Valentine's Day special on the T301g this week.

Thanks again.

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