Cellphones in School

by sb (admin)

Examples of inappropriate cell phone use in schools abound. Apart from the racy stuff, there are more mundane examples.

I know a sixth grade teacher who gets along famously with her students despite being quite strict. She told me recently how one day, a student was absent. Then in class she suddenly heard a cell phone ringing. It was coming from one of the backpacks near where the jackets are hung. Wouldn't you know it, it was the absent student ringing her friend. She couldn't believe it. The student must have known her friend was in class at the time!

Still, these phones have a lot of educational potential that is starting to be recognized. The students are going to use their phones anyway so some teachers have started to put them to educational use. Phones are used for language learning via digital scavenger hunts, for evaluation via oral tests and poll questions.

One teacher note that once legitimate uses of cell phones are allowed in the school then the inappropriate use actually declines.

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