Check Straight Talk Balance

You can check your Straight Talk balance and service date info online in two ways. There's a quick way, and a slightly slower way.

Check Balance Online

Update: You now need Phone Number and Serial Number

Quicker Way

  1. Go to Straight Talk home Page.
  2. Click on the Check Balance/Service Date link.
  3. Fill in your Straight Talk phone number and Serial Number and hit "Submit".
  4. Wait a few (about 20) seconds. Really.
  5. A text message with balance info is sent to your phone.
  6. Finally, the balance info is shown on the computer screen

There is a slightly longer way to check your balance by logging into your account.

Longer Way

  1. Go to the Straight Talk home page.
  2. Click on "Login/My Account" and login.
  3. A list of your Straight Talk phones will appear.
  4. Scroll down to the phone you want to check and click on "Check Balance".
  5. Wait a few (about 20) seconds. Really.
  6. A text message is sent to your phone with balance
  7. The balance info is displayed on your computer screen

So there you have it.

checkstraight talk balance

Check Straight Talk Balance by Phone

You can also check your balance from your Straight Talk phone but you have to go through the menu.

  1. Dial *611 to get to Straight Talk customer service
  2. Select option 1 or 2 for English or Spanish
  3. Select Option 3 to check airtime balance
  4. A voice will read out your telephone number and ask you to confirm. Say "Yes" if correct.
  5. Wait. Voice says balance and service date info is being sent by text message to phone.
  6. Hang up and read text message


Earlier, I admit I was a little surprised I could check the balance of my Straight Talk phone just by knowing my phone number. That meant that anyone could do it as long as they had that information and knew you had a Straight Talk phone. Airtime is a kind of currency, so information about how much of it you should probably be private. That problem is fixed now, so unless you know the serial number as well, you can't find out this information.

Other than that, I'm quite happy with the value of the service.